Thursday, January 13, 2011


quite a few days late, but happy 2011! not very happy for me here, but oh well, somehow i'll have to get used to it.

heathrow at its best:

when we were stranded due to the snow

random, but dinner yesterday:

we made roti canai and curry and bought fish n chips.

dinner two days ago.. looks like mee goreng mamak but it's actually spaghetti with tomyam, ham, cucumber and egg. oh and ikan bilis and peanuts too. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

in an attempt to revive

this blog!!! settling fairly well in southampton now, aside from the crazy fluctuating temperatures here (some mornings can be 12 deg, some are -5 deg and sakais like me go 'look!!! ice!!' on car tops)...

last weekend i went to london... and watched... an amazing superb crazily good musical.. 'Wicked'.

it is sooo good, sooo VERY good and the leads sing so well. esp rachel tucker. hahaa... k whoever that still reads this blog, it's like about time i liked an angmoh rite?? XD yeah but she's still very super duper awesome, i love Defying Gravity and The Wizard and I. wonderful songs.

but of course, watching it live is like phenomenal. mind-blowing.

i wanto watch againnnn~~~

ming nian sheng ri wo hai yao kan...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


have been here for the past 3 weeks or so, and still surviving. there were ups and downs.. well, mostly downs, but if you face up to it, it slowly moves upwards.

so far i've just started a week of clinicals... and maybe i'm still not used to the angmohs, bc it is rather difficult to mix around with them. or maybe i just feel that everyone else aside from the students are better ppl =X

it's finally the weekend again... and i so look forward to baking (and hopefully follow instructions) for the first time ever!! but first and foremost, someone has to wake up first....

i wonder what's for lunch, because i've been feeding on ham sandwiches for the past 5 days for lunch :D

and it's coldd, when the sun's not out. currently 4 deg (and we're not quite into autumn yet!) but the sun's roaring, so shouldnt be too cold... for now.. =)

and yes, i cant wait to go stonehenge. hopefully there's still seats...

Monday, August 02, 2010

oh noes

forgot to post in july~ haha... too busy enjoying life at home.

unbelievably, i still cant get my visa done. the most... i go late lo... who ask u to take forever to send me my CAS? no cas, no visa, no airticket, no uni...

what i do at home- wake up, eat breakfast, eat lunch in less than 2 hours, complain that it's hot, eat dinner, bathe, dinner, wii with my sister, then sleep.

i actually quite enjoy this routine huh?

just now we went to hui sing to eat. haha... and then to unaco. when we were walking out, we saw an old man on the ground. he fell... =( his someone was helping him up, so daddy went to help as well. it's quite scary to see the elderly fall. it's like, the scariest thing to happen because they are just so fragile.. (medical students bah), and any slip and fall might lead to fractures, or the worst case scenario. so scary =X

i think i should sleep. tomorrow the routine's going to start again! or maybe add in badminton. i'm beginning to love this sport again.

minus the number of times the shuttlecock hits the ground. =D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the land of which titanic set off...

... is where i'm destined to for the next three years (provided i pass this friday).


many people love this place, many wanted to get this university. and for a little noob like me, i'm fortunate to have gotten this choice.

living a simple life with hardly any expectations to set and to meet... is the most peaceful life one can hope for. you are contented with anything and everything, you do not ask for more.

but does a tranquil, quiet life bring happiness?

southampton, southampton here i comee~~!!!

btw, the title is a trivia... did you know southampton was where titanic set off from (but never reached its destination)?

i cant wait for fish n chips~ wahaha

Sunday, June 06, 2010

THE day(S)

yes. they are here. after being here for 2.5 years. cramming 9 systems into my head. the laughter, the lameness, the sadness, all for the upcoming 4 days.

we can do it!!! we all HAVE to graduate! leave bukit jalil!

and start off yet another journey... a totally new start, a totally new place.

to a new beginning.

MEDT bang bang bang!!! all the very very very best!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


when things go well, someone's bound to be unhappy.
when things turn for the worse, someone's bound to be happy.

sadist? wet-blanket? or is it just different opinions?

why cant people just accept things as they are, and smile or cry along?

why must someone be that different 'one'?